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Topic: Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI

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    Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI

    FYI Bias has recently release a real time convolution feature (can batch process) that is fast/high quality and includes a good sound editor - Peak ! Numerical Sound has created 6 new Reverb Impulses in the 1.7-5.4 second range that are bundled with this new version of Peak .

    This morning I decided to test the speed of ImpulseVerb - with a dual processor 867 PowerPC a 24 bit sound file that is 261 seconds long and a 5.4 second impulse the convolution process took only 47 seconds or over 5.5x faster than real time.

    I would still convert the sound files and RI to 32 bit Aiff in order to achieve the absolute highest possible signal to noise ratio and import a 100% wet only ambient track(s) into your DAW of choice.

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound

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    Re: Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI

    What kinds of spaces are the reverb impulses, Ernest?

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    Re: Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI

    The Numerical Sound RI in Peak are hybrid impulses in the sense that they are based upon a combination of real world (acoustic space) and non-real world elements. These impulses were designed for contemporary music production in the sense that the ambience that these RI contain will \"hold their own\" in a bright/dense mix with prominent rhythmic arrangements.

    These RI have the neutrality and maximum density that the Pure Space RI series has.

    Note Bias Inc. web site is http://www.bias-inc.com/


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    Re: Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI

    Hi Ernest!

    Do you know of a development of this kind for PC based software? It\'s no fun to watch a nice software being Mac only [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks in advance,

    PS: Slightly OT, do you have any news on the TI\'s?

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    Re: Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI


    I think you will not have to wait very long I have been working with a major PC based software company on a real time convolution engine. I will be developing 8 reverb impulses for this company\'s new product. Check out AES in New York (Oct. 10-13) for a product announcement. The engine is suppose to be very efficient so it will probably handle multiple channels in real time. I suspect that it will be worth the wait.


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    Re: Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI

    Thanks for dangling it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Peak 4 ImpulseVerb w/Numerical Sound RI

    Kewell on both acccounts. Please post your booth number here when you know, if you wouldn\'t mind. I\'d like to stop by.

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