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Topic: Chamber strings....

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    Chamber strings....

    Is there a library available that has medium size string ensembles? Not just FULL strings. Say 5-8 1st Vln, 3-4 2nds, etc....? Just curious, because sometimes (like today) I just need a smaller sound you know [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'m currently mixing in some solo strings to help, but I\'d sure like a smaller ensemble.


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    Re: Chamber strings....

    The sizes you describe there almost fit on SI Strings, although it\'s hard to hear I know that VSL are sampling smaller string sections at the moment - how small I don\'t know though.

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    Re: Chamber strings....

    Hummmmm..... interesting......

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    Re: Chamber strings....

    Actually, for some really thick chords, I use the Kirk Hunter 2 violin patches. The have nice thick vibrato and sound really good together. Like Simon said, I\'m putting my money on the VSL Divisi patches in the works.

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    Re: Chamber strings....

    Check out the VR Sound strings, they can sound really intimate with the right reverb. I was able to pull off a convincing Eleanor Rigby with them:


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