The launch of my Autoharp SFZ instrument for ARIA and Cakewalk Dimension got off to a stumbling start, some of you may recall. I initially posted it here with a note about the "suggested donation." That turned out to be a bad plan. I was incorrectly thinking that most people would submit the suggested donation through PayPal. Well over 100 downloads later, only a couple of the downloads were paid for, so I realized I'd assumed too much.

For some time now, the publicly available Autoharp folder (the link in my signature) has everything in it except the instrument itself. There are audio demos, MIDI files, text files, and the manual with graphics explaining how to use Autoharp. If someone decides they want to own the instrument, they use the PayPal widget at the Autoharp site, and I send them the link to the main folder that has the instrument's samples and SFZ file.

Over the past week, there have been at least 3 unauthorized entries into that main folder. It's a little spooky, but I'm having to assume someone hacked through and found the "secret folder." OR, I could be mistaken, and maybe an Autoharp owner has just needed, for some reason, to download everything again. I can keep track of downloads and previews at Box, because the site sends me auto-email with an account of files being accessed.

SO - I've re-located the main instrument folder to a new location at Box. In the old folder, now there's only a text file explaining that the contents had to be moved due to unauthorized downloads.

If you're an Autoharp owner, and need access to the download page again, please let me know so I can send you the updated link. You can contact me via PM or email, both listed in my profile info under my name in this post, upper left corner.

Sorry if this has caused anyone an inconvenience, but I had to try and protect my Autoharp. Thanks.