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Topic: Death and Re-incarnation

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    Death and Re-incarnation

    Adagio Variations is dead and buried.

    It has be re-incarnated, expanded, revised, and renamed.

    Very rainy work.

    Pluvial Reverie

    The link will take you to the piece on Score Exchange. There, you have the option of listending to the MP3 (GPO Steinway) or if you have Scorch, yoiu can read the score and listen to the midi playback. Scorch is a free plug-in, and enables you to read the scores on line.There are instructions on how to download it.


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    Re: Death and Re-incarnation

    Hi Richard,

    For the moment, it's raining cats and dogs here (in Dutch we say "oude wijven" = "old women"). Your Pluvial Reverie is exactly what we feel in these pre winter circumstances. Nice piano work.



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