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Topic: HAUPTWERK release

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    HAUPTWERK release

    For all the organ lovers: (I don\'t remember if I mentioned this before) there is this remarkable new software tool (PC only) that lets you play over 1.500 organ samples directly from RAM. The program is called HAUPTWERK and it is simply brilliant. Check the HAUPTWERK web page for the details.

    Today I released the first (out of series of) HAUPTWERK cd(\'s) that has the Post Positive Organ, two other free [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] organs and the trial version of the HAUPTWERK software. The cd is $45.
    Cd is available at www.postaudiomedia.com

    You can listen to demos of the free organs here:
    Fantasia in G minor
    Misere ( reed stops)
    Lieblich Gedact 8 and Clear Flute 4 stops

    Here are some demos with the Positive Organ:
    J.S. Bach, Fughetta on (BWV 679)\"These are the Holy 10 Commands\" Registration:
    Flute 4, then Holpijp 8 and Flute 4.

    J.S. Bach, \"Our Father\" from the Small Organ Mass (BWV 683). Registration: Holpijp 8 and Quint 2 2/3.

    This solution is ideal for organ players; the interface actually looks screen shot like a real organ and you can easily hook up several midi-keyboards, a pedal board, couplers, trems and swells to the midi set-up and start playing...create a setup like this:

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    Re: HAUPTWERK release


    What pedal board would you recommend. I\'m an organist myself and am in need of a midi pedalboard. (I\'m not so interested in a full RCA concave board).

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    Re: HAUPTWERK release

    Originally posted by sjduck:

    What pedal board would you recommend.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You can take this one
    this one
    I had Johannes build me one but you could ask Allen too, as they are in the US and easier to communicate with.

    Michiel Post

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