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Topic: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

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    tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    This is a jazz ballad. It uses JABB horns, flute and electric piano. The brush sounds are free samples that I found on the internet.


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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Oh yeah! That's a niiiiice.

    In case anybody here hadn't noticed before, you are simply a Jazz Meister, Jay - this track alone shows that. Wow it sounds great. And, like your other pieces, you single-handedly prove that JABB is a great Library. The user just needs to dig in and Play those instruments, not expecting Instant Greatness from just pushing buttons and triggering notes.

    Those brush samples are nice, don't you think they're a bit high in the mix?

    Thank you, thank you, Jay, for once again brightening up The Listening Room.


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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Hi Jay,

    Bit by bit, step by step, this forum and your excellent music are converting me into a true jazz lover. This is awesome. I close my eyes and dream away in some hot, smoky southern bar, a jazz band playing a few meters away from my privileged seat... Great.

    And I agree with Randy: perfect balance, marvellous sound and ambience, but a little overdone in the brushes. I don't want the drummer sitting on my lap...

    Thanks for converting me,


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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Randy! Thanks for listening and thanks for the nice words. I do spend some time with the samples so they will sound reasonably okay for this style of music. I was never satisfied with the brush work on this. I have been using brush loops prior to this and this is my first time using sampled sounds for brush work. I really like the wire brush sound for the hits but stirs never really worked for me. I think that I over compensated and the percussion became a little to HOT. I did some experimenting ,since I wrote this tune, using the JABB brush kit on another tune. I found the swirls to be better sounding with JABB but the hits still do not knock me over. I guess it is all a learning process.

    Max! I am glad that I can be a part of your acquiring appreciation for jazz. I have studied many genres of music from a composers point of view, but admit to jazz as being my favorite sound. As I explained to Randy above, the brushes came off as being to HOT. I agree with you, I also do not want the drummer to be sitting in my lap unless the drummer is a good looking "BABE" and she is buying me drinks.

    Thanks to you both for your input. Jay

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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    ...I did some experimenting ,since I wrote this tune, using the JABB brush kit on another tune. I found the swirls to be better sounding with JABB but the hits still do not knock me over. I guess it is all a learning process...
    I was going to ask why you hadn't used JABB's brush drums on this, but I know that when we work on music, we just make choices - And, the JABB drums, nice as they can sound, aren't the easiest things to work with. However, something cool about the swirls in JABB is that they can be synced to the song's tempo.

    Thanks again for the music, Jay - and for your reply.


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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Randy! From experimentation, I plan to use JABB brush swirls and drags and the brush hits that I picked up from the internet. This stuff gets crazy. Trying to get the right balance and sound from so many sources out there. I have to admit that it is fun to play with though.

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Hey Jay!

    Wow ... another great joint from the King Of Kool!

    Your jazz is so much fun for me to listen to, I think mainly because you always stay faithful to your use of the electric piano (I almost always use an acoustic piano in my ensembles). That tine-tinged Rhodes sound is so cool and funky all at the same time ... really nice, Jay. Always a fan of your harmonic journeys too!

    Thanks for sharing this one.


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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Hey Frank! Thanks for listening and commenting. For some reason, I do have a thing for the rhodes e.p. I usually use acoustic piano on jazz trio things but for most other stuff I will use rhodes sound because it is so robust.
    I have always wanted to write a ballad with flugelhorn playing the melody and this is what I came up with. I am glad that you enjoyed it.
    Thanks for the input. Jay

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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Ah, this is my kind of jazz, quiet and smooth. Maybe I'll drag out my flugal and blow along! Other than the brush sunds, were these all Garritan Samples?

    What was the instrumentation? I hear saxes, flute (of course) maybe some muted trumpets, bass and electric pno and maybe a full sax section. Not sure about the bones.

    I like the smooth silk quality. Makes me want to read a Max Hammer novel!

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: tomorrows invitation (ballad)

    Bill! I am glad that you liked this. I think the use of fhorn, flugal horn and tuba helped to mellow the sound a bit.This uses mostly garritan instruments.
    jabb: flute, flugal horn, alto, tenor, Electric piano.
    GPO: tuba, french horn
    trillian: bass
    mix and match for percussion.
    I enjoyed writing this as it was my first jazz ballad.
    Thanks for listening. Jay

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