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Topic: OT: LA Good Music Venues

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    OT: LA Good Music Venues

    Hi all, sorry for being slightly off topic, but I thought this would be a good place to ask.

    I\'m comming over to LA for an IT conference end of October and have a few spare days and wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of i) some good jazz clubs, ii) some good audio h/w and s/w stores - I\'m staying downtown (near the LA Conference centre) and wondered if there was anything near by.

    I beleive also that EWQLSO is in LA doing some demos etc - if thats the case will i miss them?

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    Re: OT: LA Good Music Venues

    When you get into town, go to any video store, newstand, or coffee shop and pick up a free copy of that week\'s L.A. Weekly.

    Browse through the live music section. No telling what will be around that week. Enjoy.


    Also, if you have the time, pick up the

    Not for Tourists Guide to Los Angeles.

    NFT 2003.

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    Re: OT: LA Good Music Venues

    Thanks chaps

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