Thanks to Falcon1 here and his server in beautiful Iceland, I now have lots-o-bandwidth. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] I\'ve loaded up some tunes, and I would invite anyone to visit and make comments.

I use the Bards Bose a lot, and you\'ll hear the Bards accordians a lot. The song \"Jeep Ride\" is American Heartland (except the piano which is the Yammie P250). \"Cool Surfer\" is the Gigaclean guitars, and \"Shades of Blue\" has the BG Tenor sax.

There are some vocalist, but all the music is me, Giga, Kurzweil PC2R, and SX.

Some I\'ve posted before, but my previous site was very limited and a couple of people tried to get in but couldn\'t.

My country/gospel roots show for sure, but I\'ve tried to blend in some other stuff as well. Hope you enjoy!