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Topic: Best use of Lexicon MPX-550?

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    Best use of Lexicon MPX-550?

    I picked up a lexicon 550 today, on the hope that I can get a better sound out of it for reverb, and possibly even a better understanding of reverb as a whole.

    My question is - how do you guys recommend I best use it for orchestral work? For say, violins, I can go directly from giga to the 550, control wet/dry there, and record on a mac using logic.

    Or, I could use it as a send effect off my behringer board, and have basically 4 tracks in logic for one instrument (2 pairs of stereo tracks- one dry, one wet) and mix from there.

    Is that too much hassle though? Is the first idea going to give pretty much the same results?


    Eric Doggett

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    Re: Best use of Lexicon MPX-550?

    Thanks Sharmy for the late-night response! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I guess my more specific question is:

    Should I record the tracks in Logic as audio files, and THEN send them out to the 550, and record the returning reverb, thereby having a total of 4 tracks in Logic per instrument(2 stereo tracks, one set for the recorded instrument, and one set for the returned reverb). This seems like a lot of tracks, for tweaking which might not be necessary.


    Should I skip initially recording the tracks in Logic, route to the 550 from GS (of course, just one instrument at a time), and then record the final stereo track (only one stereo track) in Logic. The wet/dry/other settings would be handled in the 550.


    Eric Doggett

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