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Topic: AES in NY

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    AES in NY

    Hope to meet some of you.

    Who will all be there from NS?

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    Re: AES in NY

    Hi Dawn,

    I\'m certain some of us will be cruising the aisles of the AES show. Will the DIVA library be there? If so let us know the booth number. Enjoy the show.


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    Re: AES in NY

    Well I for one will be there. Where should I look out for you peeps?


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    Re: AES in NY

    Hi Joel,

    Doesn\'t look like there\'s much interest and the library presence will probably be nil as well. Shame. Will have to wait for NAMM.

    I\'m just starting down this library path and don\'t have much to contribute at this point to any group — but I think it would be cool for east coasters to develop a counterpart to LANS. Or maybe noone here owns any libraries? (I don\'t, yet) [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    NYNS...EANS...BONS...NSEA.....NEWNS....NSNJ...PANS ......MANS.....

    I give up.

    Take care and enjoy the show.


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