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Topic: OT Fairlight (Aust) in receivership

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    OT Fairlight (Aust) in receivership

    \"Fairlight ESP is in administration after becoming unable to meeet ongoing financial obligations. The Australian company was placed in the hands of Giles Woodgate and Co late on Wednesday March 12th.\"


    Boy, if Kim Ryrie had thought to patent PCM recording (sampling as we know it) when he and Vogel originally came up with it, this headline would probably be a much different story. Sheesh, how much of the audio which surrounds us these days is based on digital pulse code modulation!

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    Re: OT Fairlight (Aust) in receivership

    Sad. I still love the sound of the Fairlight. Its so dusty and dirty. The Mirage had the same hardcore \"stiff\" sound to it.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: OT Fairlight (Aust) in receivership

    Weird thing individual taste, isn\'t it, I always found the Fairlights cheap and nasal. Can\'t imagine why they were ever as popular as they were.

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