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Topic: [OT] - Spectrum : SRV-330 questions

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    [OT] - Spectrum : SRV-330 questions

    Hey Guys!

    After reading about the SRV a while back I decided to dust it off (so to speak) and start using it a bit more. (I was spoiled after getting Altiverb...it\'s fantastic!)

    Although the signal to noise ratio isn\'t too good compared to today\'s reverbs, I was surprised at how smooth and round it sounded..and the EQ does wonders to the sound.
    The plates and halls sound spacious and dense without being cluttered..and the halls with 3d early reflection different to anything I know.
    The 3d room is very cool to, especially at really low settings (0-3%) with density at 0..it sounds farther away without being \'verbed\'..

    Anyway, I have two questions for spectrum:

    -I probably asked this before, but I heard about a keycombination that would start the SRV up in SDE mode! I\'m really curious whether this mode actually exists..

    -Would there be a way of custom modifying the SRV to have digital ins/outs (I\'m talking a pretty heavy solder job here..but since it has A/D D/A converters you would reckon it should be possible to \'extract\' the digital signal before it enters the converters?)

    -Not really a question but more of a suggestion: wouldn\'t it be great to have the SRV/SDE/SDX algorithms as a VST/AU/TDM plugin?

    I think the SRV has a pretty unique sound (I would almost go as far as saying it\'s up there with some of the older lexicons)



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    Re: [OT] - Spectrum : SRV-330 questions

    Yeah....glad you like it...me too.

    There is a key combination for turning into an SDE-330, but I can\'t remember it!

    Digital I/O would be super tricky I think, but I use mine with the auto gating of my Digital Mixer and that\'s a great combo with any of these good sounding \"analog\" domain digital reverbs (sounds like a contradiction!)

    Sure....VST/AU version would be great, but you\'d have to convince Roland and that would be a seriously uphill battle....also, they\'d probably do the SRV-3300 which isn\'t nearly as cool sounding.


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    Re: [OT] - Spectrum : SRV-330 questions

    Thanks for the reply, Spectrum.

    What kind of gating settings do you use? I presume a pretty long release time?

    Is there any way you can find out about the button combination: my interest has peaked even more now that I know the \'magic combination\'does indeed exsist! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Anyway, fantastic job on the unit (I read you were involved with its development).
    Those RSS Non Linear algorithms are great too!
    I was toying around with a flute sample running through it this morning and setting up the envelope to be really long but the density real low and you get some kind of weird, almost timestretching-like effect.



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