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Topic: Orchestral Demo 2

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    Orchestral Demo 2

    Hi all,

    As envisaged, here\'s a second demo :

    The libraries used are the same as the previous one ( http://clardid.ledan.free.fr/RAMKY.mp3 ), with VOTA in addition.
    I heard, like everyone, several impressive demos with VSL and QLSO. I\'m interested in those libraries. My choice is not done yet, but I\'d like to know how many PC\'s are needed for an orchestral set like the two pieces presented. If some users could help me...

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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    Wow, beautiful piece, just as the last one you posted!

    Can´t help you with your question, though, but I would love to hear your music rendered with either of those libraries!

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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2


    Trés bien fait! Chapeau, monsieur.

    Un de mes morceaux préférés jusqu\'ici. Votre prise de la langue musicale brille à travers, indépendamment de quels sons vous vous avérez justement avoir employés.

    Bien amicalement,

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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    This is an absolutely beautiful piece.
    This is the best I\'ve heard the GOS library.

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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    Hi all,

    Christopher, Didier and Jamie, thanks a lot for your kind words !
    Didier, thanks for the french language [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    incredible work. I have to agree with Jamie, the GOS sound you created is fantastic. I wish I could let GOS sound like that...
    Anyway, keep up the great work. As for VSL and ELSO, I don´t own them so I can be of no help, sorry.


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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    Great Indeed!

    Especially I liked the RAMKY.mp3, haven\'t heard it before. I think some voice leadings and harmonic elements (motif introduced at 1:17 - 1:25) vaguely reminds me Eino Juhani Rautavaara, a finnish contemporary composer\'s latest works. Though I wonder if you have ever heard of him. Just an interesting curiousity... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    Absolutely beautiful!

    Wonderfull writing, great production, personaly I would add a bit more room/hall since it is a \"classical\" piece.

    May I ask how much time did you spent composing and orchestrating this piece?



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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    the same here, really great piece of music...

    but i would say the same like lex,
    also would prefer a little more room/ambience and reverb to the whole piece to get more orchestra room feeling.

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    Re: Orchestral Demo 2

    Thanks for all your comments !
    Holger, I think that the GOS is a great library, and the sound engineer did a great job with them !
    Miguelo, I\'ve never hear music from Eino J.R. Nevertheless, I\'d like to. Which symphony should you advice ?
    Lex and Waywyn, the sound engineer with who I\'m working totally agree with you( less evident for me...)
    About the time : difficult to say because I\'m working on several pieces at the same time. Approximativly, about 3 days in terms of pure composition, and about 4 days for going into details. About 3 days for the mix.

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