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Topic: Tiny VSL demo cube demo

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    Tiny VSL demo cube demo

    I hope that it\'s okay to post music done with demo cube. I played around with VSL strings and just wanted to share small clip with you guys.

    Before I\'ll post it I would like to know can I post that kind of stuff? I layered Miroslav solo violin and Ultimate Strings Violas into that (24s.) clip. I would like to share it because it shows that you can do pretty good stuff even it isn\'t full version.


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    Re: Tiny VSL demo cube demo

    I don\'t see what would be wrong with posting something made with the demo cube. It has great instruments in it even if they\'re only a few. I have the demo cube and have been using the instruments in almost all my new pieces.

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    Re: Tiny VSL demo cube demo

    Also, perhaps I will make a small demo with ONLY the instruments from the demo cube. Might be interesting.

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    Re: Tiny VSL demo cube demo

    Ok, here it goes: http://www.netikka.net/tapani.siirtola/demo_strings.ogg

    I made this demo to test how well does other samples blend with VSL strings. I would have made this demo alot longer but I had only small range to play with. I think when I\'ll buy VSL I also buy Dan Dean and Kirk Hunter solo strings. Then I blend them with VSL. It would sound more \"human\" I think.

    Ps. Now I noticed that Miroslav solo violin is too loud compaired to VSL strings.

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    Re: Tiny VSL demo cube demo

    Pretty nice piece.

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