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Topic: Cubase 7?

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    Cubase 7?

    Any one got JABB and GPO to work in the latest version of Cubase ?
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    Re: Cubase 7?

    I see that you posted this back in 2012.

    Have you received any emails or answers to this question?

    I am not hearing any audio being played, while my other VSTs are having no issues

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    Re: Cubase 7?

    I have tried for nearly four years to use Cubase with Finale, GPO, CoMB and JaBB with no luck. Several have offered their assistance but I never got it to work. I'll be watching for responses that you get. I know that there are others that have had success.


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    Re: Cubase 7?

    Tom, what are the problems you are having getting Cubase up and running? I don't know a whole lot about Cubase but I did use Cubase 4 to do a Christmas album doing Carols with a brass quintet using GPO and I now have Cubase Artist 7.5 and after not doing anything musically with a DAW (I was playing around with guitars but ultimately my arthritis in my hands ended that)for six years, I'm now back working in both Cubase and Logic Pro X (trying to figure out which one I want to use).

    I recently setup a string choir (Cinematic Strings 2) and recorded a short piece that someone on V.I. Control Forum posted for demoing various string choirs so people could hear what they were buying as used by realworld folks instead of highly massaged company demos. So I MAY be able to give you some hints that might help get you up and running.


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