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Topic: QL Rare Instrument

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    QL Rare Instrument

    Does anyone use it ? how do you like it ? can I have some of your mp3 ?

    Thank you,

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    Re: QL Rare Instrument

    I personally think its a great lib. Everything is really consistant. I haven\'t got any MP3\'s lying around tho

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    Re: QL Rare Instrument

    Loops or multisampler ?

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    Re: QL Rare Instrument

    I have the lib in Giga format it is excellent. Doyle Donnehoo (not sure on spelling) has a few demos of a game he did that uses QLRI.

    Actually here is the url;


    The demos feature the Duduk and Erhu amongst others.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: QL Rare Instrument

    The demo at soundsonline.com will give you a really good idea about what the library sounds like. There are only 16 instruments, so if the sounds in the demo don\'t interest you, then you should look elsewhere. Most of the instruments are in the demo. Each instrument is pretty extensively sampled.

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