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Topic: Looking for some advices...

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    Looking for some advices...

    Hi all,

    As it seems orchestral collections are being pationately discussed I\'ll pick up the opportunity to look for some opinions.

    Do some of you use the Garritan Lite collection? What do you think about it?

    My problem is that I can\'t currently afford the full collection but I\'m asked more and more for scoring for a string orchestra in my arrangements.
    I\'m using Siedlaczek\'s Advanced Orchestra but this library has some iritating features in my opinion: it really tends to sound somewhat synthetic and sterile to my ears, especially when writing melodies (whichever the string section btw) which are to be put in the foreground. I find it also difficult to have a natural panning of individual sections. I make an extensive use of volume automation to make them sound more natural, which makes things much better, but I\'m growing unsatisfied.
    I\'ve tried a friend\'s Steinberg HALion strings edition but I\'m not convinced at all.

    So, do some of you think Garritan Lite collection is a good value ? Is it usable in a daily work environment ?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

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    Re: Looking for some advices...

    Skip Garritan and go for SI strings lite edition. A different but, in my opinion, much more beautiful sound. You won\'t need to do any panning either, sits very good in a mix without tweaking.

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