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Topic: QLSO and VSL

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    QLSO and VSL

    I am still deciding which library to
    buy (QLSO OR VSL)
    I know that it can be debated forever some
    love VSL some love QLSO and it seems like
    a lot of you have both.

    I would love to hear a simple demo were the
    exact same piece would be played using VSL them QLSO.

    Anyone out there with both VSL and QLSO want to attempt this.

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    Re: QLSO and VSL

    What would be the benefit of having the exact demo played by both libraries? It wouldn\'t take advantage of either library. To me all the availible demos show pretty good what each library is about, but I don\'t own one or the other to go in detail on that - I just listen.


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