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Topic: Happy christmas

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    Happy christmas

    Its Christmas Day, I'm cooking a goose, and checking the forum while I wait for it cook.

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    Re: Happy christmas

    Quote Originally Posted by buckshead View Post
    Its Christmas Day, I'm cooking a goose, and checking the forum while I wait for it cook.

    So when it's done, it'll mean your Goose is cooked?! Oh noOOooo!

    It's great to hear of someone having a good old fashioned Christmas Goose for the holiday meal. Years ago, my sister and I decided we wanted to have a Goose for the first time, but couldn't find any in the stores. The town's surrounded by farms of all sorts, so it wasn't too difficult to find a farmer who sells Geese during the holidays, BUT, the deal is the purchaser has to go out to his farm and catch the live bird himself!

    SO - there we were, in the farmer's Very muddy field, tromping around in rubber knee-high Galoshes, trying to capture one of the feisty Geese that were flapping around in their area. But my Lord! those are wily, and MEAN birds! We had our eye on a nice, big fat one - but he was alluding capture - I have a vivid memory of being frozen in amazement, eyes wide as I watched this pissed off Goose come dive bombing at me - wings spread wide - and that had to be at least a 6 foot wingspread, snapping his beak at me. YIKES! I dodged the attack - but had lost hope of ever capturing any of these wild, crazy things!

    The farmer was laughing his off at us - and after he'd been sufficiently entertained by our inept "city slicker" attempts at capturing a bird, he stepped in and had expertly wrangled and captured our prize Canadian Goose within minutes. Then we could see, it was probably rare for a customer to ever actually capture a bird. This was the farmer's big entertainment at Christmas time, watching people flop around in his muddy field and being attacked by these famously aggressive fowl.

    After the farmer had captured and beheaded the bird, and we'd gone home with our prize, then came the whole preparation process - plucking the feathers, candling them - then being amazed at the buckets of fat we had to siphon off as the Goose slowly cooked in the oven.

    Despite the difficulties, we ended up enjoying that dinner immensely.--- um, haven't cared to do it again, but it's a nice memory.

    Have a great Goose and a great holiday, Derek!


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    Re: Happy christmas

    A somewhat belated Merry Christmas from Prague, where we are spending Christmas week, whilst our neighbour looks after Tigger, our tabby cat.

    Are you telling me that a goose is a living creature?
    And there was me thinking that it came as a frozen chunk wrapped in plastic bag stored in a supermarket freezer.

    Loved the story, Randy.
    Had me chuckling.
    I was chased out a field once, long ago, by a flock of angry geese.
    The hissing alone was enough to scare the hell out of me.

    All the best.

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    Re: Happy christmas

    After learning not to mess with geese on the farm in Ireland as a kid it's a special pleasure I take cooking one at Christmas

    Oh, and a belated Happy Christmas!

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