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Topic: Prosonus .Art Files

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    Prosonus .Art Files


    I applied the .Art files downloaded from Big Fish site to my Prosonus library.

    Is somebody could tell me what is the difference with banks containing instruments having PT, AT and UT in their description name ?

    Also the sounds appeared kind of reverbered when compared them against my AO lib.

    So I created a new instrument using the
    Wizard tool (very nice tool by the way, tough it kept me 10 years to understand the concept). Now the sounds appear to be completely dry.

    My question is: The tweaking are lost in the new instrument, is it possible to retrieve the whole thing with .art files ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Prosonus .Art Files

    The .art files contain all the parameters to do with the instrument above the sample level. (in other words, they represent the instrument with the samples removed). As long as your samples have the names and are in the folders expected by the .art file, loading the .art file will restore the instrument to its previous state.

    Unless the Prosonus library is using release samples (which is entirely possible), my guess is that the \'reverby\' sound you were hearing is a long amplifier release. The parameter which controls that is the release function on EG1.

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    Re: Prosonus .Art Files

    Originally posted by Serge:
    Is somebody could tell me what is the difference with banks containing instruments having PT, AT and UT in their description name ?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">AT = Authentic Tuning These are supposedly the original converted and processed Prosonus samples with their original tuning. The intonation problems were first brought to light with the infamous Chichester Psalms demo [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] I and others owners complained to BFA of the many tuning problems in this library. This which resulted in PT.

    PT == Perfect Tuning While the intonation is better in PT than the AT version, it is less than perfect. The sus Cello Section comes to mind.

    UT = ? I have never seen this version. I tried to check BFA\'s site this morning but its down right now. Maybe this is another attempt - Ultimate Tuning?

    Opinion: It escapes me why BFA would want to maintain the AT (and PT if UT is better or even exists) version since the market for out-of-tune instruments is not a large one. It\'s almost as if they are unwilling to admit the original error \"Oh, you wanted your instruments in tune?\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    The Orchestra Collection is a wonderful library - very large and very inexpensive with some very impressive samples in it - but still, as of the PT version, has tuning problems. These tuning problems often make it difficult to layer with other libs as the intonation problems stand out even more. I\'ll be checking their website\'s Support area for this UT version you are talking about.

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    Re: Prosonus .Art Files

    Hello !

    You don´t mean \"TU\" instead of \"UT\" ?
    It seems lika some of the string patches are named TU (tuned ?) instead of PT, so i think this is just an alternative naming of these files.

    Well, as already stated, there are some really useful patches in this library but also some very strange issues (like the tuning of some PT-patches, and the flute gig seems to have a bug)... But to my knowledge there has only been 1 update posted at BFA (the 2.0gig .ART file).

    Have a nice day !

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    Re: Prosonus .Art Files

    Thanks to all of you for the quick response

    To Hello,

    Yes I was dyslexic, the strings contains \"TU\" instead of \"UT\"...

    About the flute gig. I emailed to Donnie about this last autumn...

    To Craig,

    I remember your post last year about your complaint. And I hear now that the PT version still has tuning problems. Wake up BFA, please set your instruments to the \"UT\" (Universal tuning) protocol!

    Because the lack of documentation I missed nice characteristics in this library, something like the violins marcato having up and down bow. It\'s why I decided to put all the samples in a new instrument with a keyboard key switching pattern. It is the best way to learn about this library.

    To Chadwick,

    What is wrong?

    I experimented a test with the Violin Sec Pizz TU and the Violin Sec Pizz instruments. Above the keyboard display I set the dropdown menu to Fine Tuning. It is clear that those two instruments show different fine tuning.

    From the instrument wizard I built a new instrument including the samples pizzicato in the wave pool.

    Those samples are out of tune. The recipe is to use the articulations of the Violin Sec Pizz TU instrument in my new instrument.

    But the .Art Prosonus files will destroy my new instrument when applied.

    Worst, if I copy the Violin Sec Pizz TU articulation and paste it into my new instrument, the fine tuning setting will not be included in the new instrument.

    Some times the life is tricky ...

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