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Topic: Good tabla library?

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    Good tabla library?

    Does anyone know of a good library for tabla samples? Preferably one with prefab loops, like .rex files or similar.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Good tabla library?

    Abracatabla nd Pure Tabla are ther only ones I know of. Nick has limited tabla in Rare Instruments, and Best of Bolder has some samples, but neither are played traditionally.

    If you need actual correct traditional Hindusthani Classicalv rhythms, nothing there, but if you just want the sound, try the first two...


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    Re: Good tabla library?

    You may want to check out ‘Roots of India’ from Big Fish.
    Also, ‘Deepest India’ seems to have tablas on it.

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    Re: Good tabla library?

    \"Vindaloops\" has tablas and indian perc ansamble loops..


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    Re: Good tabla library?

    also check out:
    pm_Tablas.gig __$ 5.- !!
    demo: http://vrsound.com/GS/Indian_Techno.mp3

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    Re: Good tabla library?

    Funny you should mention it....I\'m working on one right now!

    I already recorded Mr. Muthu Kumar who is a touring Tabla player with exceptional skills.

    The library will be comprised of single hits (with 8 velocities each) as well as pre-split loops (similiar to Groove Control), and yes, I also recorded the vocalizations. I\'m in the programming phase right now so it\'ll probably be another couple of months before it\'s ready for music making!

    I\'ll keep everyone posted.

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    Re: Good tabla library?

    Wow! Thanks so much for all of the recommendations! This is why I love hanging out on this board. You guys know everything when it comes to samples!

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    Re: Good tabla library?

    A side note, all the VRSounds Giga Percusion are good.

    not much in the realm of velocity switching, but lots of variations on hits. (differnt places on the drum and different strokes). The tabla isn\'t bad, but I dont use it much for \"Traditional\" stuff. In fact I dont think there is really any \"traditional\" tabla samples out there, like Dasher\'s been saying.

    Look slike Midiphase may have nailed it tho [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Good tabla library?

    Midphase (now that it\'s too late...) are there going to be the traditional tintal, rupak, and especially the slow 12 and 14 vocal taals? With traditional variations? or even non-traditional options, if they\'re in the same tempos/grooves

    Drooling Dasher

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    Re: Good tabla library?

    Actually, I would not call the Tabla on QL Rare Instruments too limited. I think it\'s great. If you place your hands splitting middle C (I believe, I\'m not in front of the screen), the hits you hear correspond to the finger you\'re pushing. Little finger on the keyboard equals little finger on the drum, etc. You can get a nicely varied part, but obviously, it\'s not the full syllabic range. You\'d need a DVD version for that.

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