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Topic: Piano Hymn Improvisations

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    Piano Hymn Improvisations

    I\'m mostly a reader of this forum - a piano player who recently purchased a computer for notation software and got absorbed into sequencing and such. I have a few little hymn improv\'s posted on Soundclick [3 of them] and would like to get some feedback. Sometimes I like them and other times I don\'t.

    A piece by my daughter [8 years old] made entirely of reverse waves is on the charts for Alternative. Sort of funny!

    Any comments would be appreciated. All piano pieces are with PMI Bosendorfer 16 Layerdry with pcm-90 Impulse reverb [Brick Wallz].

    Thanks, Bruce Patterson


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    Re: Piano Hymn Improvisations

    Thanks. Everything is played in for real, at tempo. I put 3 or 4 improvisations into my sequencer and choose one that I think I can work with - no major editing, though [I did lop about 1 1/2 min of unnecessary intro off of \"I Love To Tell\"]. Phrase shapes and balances never seem to come out on \"virtual pianos\" as they do on real pianos. It requires some touch up to make it sound ok.

    Take care,

    Bruce Patterson

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    Re: Piano Hymn Improvisations

    Hi Bruce,

    \"Shall We Gather At The River\", is such a lovely piece. I like it very much.

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    Re: Piano Hymn Improvisations

    I really like these! Are the arps in real time, or do you \"cheat\" a little... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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