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Topic: Holiday Sale

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    Holiday Sale


    Hi all, we still have a few days left on our Holiday Sale for Garritan. If you were looking to pick up a couple of libraries, this is a good deal for you.

    The offer will end on 12/31/12.

    Hope everyone and their families are having a great Holiday season, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year as we close out 2012!
    Justin Phillips
    Senior Product Manager
    MakeMusic, Inc

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    Re: Holiday Sale

    Awww – but I already have all of them. 

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    Re: Holiday Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Davis View Post
    Awww – but I already have all of them. 
    And that's a Good thing, Tom!--OK, so send the info to a musician friend who doesn't have all of Garritan. Buy 2, get a 3rd free - smokin' deal.


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