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Topic: String blends

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    String blends

    I was playing around with this idea today, dealing with a great deal of tension because of some pretty terrible recent news, and got somewhat caught up playing with the string blends. I used SI strings, VSL strings (almost in equal proportion) and the KH solo Violin and solo Cello are also in the mix. The clarinet, flute and bassoon are VSL as well. Feedback of any kind is always welcome, thanks for listening.



    (btw, I haven\'t created a link to my new webspace before, so if this doesn\'t work for any of you, please indicate it so I may fix it.)

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    Re: String blends

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    Re: String blends

    Heya Mike-
    I like your piece also! It sorta has a \"Gattaca\" feel to it. The librarys all seem to work well together, and hearing it gives me a few new ideas for upcoming work as far as dinamics. Good job

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    Re: String blends

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. I agree, Sharmy, sorta feels like the bottom just drops out in some of those places. One of the reasons I was looking forward to getting VSL was because of the VSL/SI posts you\'d done.

    To be honest, I didn\'t really expect anyone to like where I was trying to go with this music at all, other than an interest in the samples used, etc. I\'m shooting for a kind of oppressive pointlessness, with hints of more interesting things all around, that just never seem to get delivered on. Not exactly the kind of stuff most people like to hear, and in rough draft form to boot (a few too many hard starts and stops without much expression control to fix it yet). So really, thanks!

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