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Topic: La La La Vocal Samples?

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    La La La Vocal Samples?

    Which library has \"La\" vocal samples? I have \'symphony of voices\' and that does not. I need it for demo songs where I put in the vocalist\'s part as \"La Lalala Laaaa\" before the lyrics get written. Currently I get a vocalist to do the singing for me but good \"La la\" samples would save me some time and money.

    Using \"Ooohs\" and \"aahs\" to sing the vocals doesnt work the same as \"La\"s. And I\'m not good at sampling, I would prefer a pre-made sample.

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    Re: La La La Vocal Samples?

    DIVA [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Not in multisamples but in the performance file section. L\'ah are captured in the syllables section as well.

    L\'ah, will be fetured on DIVA Extended in multisample (non-vib and delayed vib) form.

    Listen to DIVA by design demo. After the voice over and the first half of the beat ... when it is just voices ... you will hear the L\'ahs.

    What you will hear is L\'ah, L\'ah~H\'aaaah




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    Re: La La La Vocal Samples?

    Thanks, these sound great.

    Will I be able to buy just the Diva Extended (for the La multisamples)? When should it be available?

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    Re: La La La Vocal Samples?

    Yes. Diva Extended will sell for $99.99 to non-registered users of Diva.

    Registered users may purchase Diva Extended for $49.99

    November - December 2003

    NOTE: This is an \"Extended\" version. 1 CD not 2

    NOTE: Diva by design. All the ambience and panning is apart of the samples. You do have them dry and center as well [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: La La La Vocal Samples?

    Wow! This sounds MUCH better for the demo Francis! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I like!


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    Re: La La La Vocal Samples?

    Hey Devon!!

    How are you?

    Thank you for the reply.

    Devon, wait until you hear Angels Lament by Rob Elliot.We had you in mind when this demo was composed.

    No performance files - and the vocals are way up in the mix. I cannot thank Rick Chadwick enough for Diva version 1.1.


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    Re: La La La Vocal Samples?

    You can use VOTA (Voices of the Apocalypse) and the utility to make text-singing... but using a choir sound.

    For a vocalist type of sound, maybe DIVA is the best choice.

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