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Topic: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

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    Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

    I\'m looking for libraries with good steel drums and other island sounds. I\'d also love to find an ACID library that has some good jamaican/island grooves, but have not been able to locate one thus far. Any recommendations??



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    Re: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

    I got this El Cheapo SSS Caribbean/Jamaican grooves CD-Rom from East West for something like $10, they might still have them in their bargain basement. It\'s all construction kit stuff and it\'s Akai format. It\'s....well...allright I suppose, for $10 it\'s actually pretty good!
    Ilio\'s Supreme Beats also features some Islandy percussion grooves.

    New World Order has some as well.

    Last but not least, even though Heart of Africa is, well, African, some of the persuccion instruments would work well within the island context.

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    Re: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

    there are a couple of marimba and vibe libraries out there

    DS Soundware actually ahs a combo marimba/vibe pack

    learn some soka (soca? sp?) beats and go to town \'mon

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    Re: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

    In line with Lee Baske\'s comments:

    I was in Bermuda with my mom for my horribly rich uncle\'s wedding last year. When I was done with all the ghastly wedding obligations, I struggled free from the ceremony crap and caught some steel drum playing in a night club. They were amazingly good, playing really jazzy stuff. Lots of angular melodies, remingding me of modern jazz like Jim Hall and Pat Metheny. They also played some tunes in a traditional bermuda style, but with a slant that was fresh and kept me surprised. Anyway, the point is that I was amazed at how their genre of music had evolved from what us gringo white kids think it is. Lots of fourths harmony, etc... Its basically modern jazz with a different (caribean) rhythm. It does swing, but in a completely different way to American jazz (and a completely different way to cuban music, or brazilian music, etc...)

    I got talking to them, and it seems that the culture of the area feels quite strongly identified with the music, and I would personally be afraid to venture into an imitation (especially sequenced!). A misrepresentation of their music may quite successfully piss them of (or at least evoke yawning). Any musicians here from the area care to comment?

    And this is just one of the islands!

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    Re: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

    Thanks for the comments and recomendations guys. This is definately not an authentic regional piece. Its very contemporary with only hints of an island sound.


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    Re: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

    Numerical Sound produced/distributes a sampling CD of drum loops and samples from the Reggae Artist Sly Dunbar. More info and mp3 are at www.numericalsound.com

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound

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    Re: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??

    Well I\'m a native Trinidadian who has been longing for killer Steel Drum multi-samples for quite some time, maybe someone can talk Scarbee into it.

    as for the drum grooves I can do them me-self

    -david abraham

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    Re: Library with good - Island / Caribean samples??


    This isn\'t for a certain upcoming game set in the Caribbean, is it?

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