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Topic: Choosing an orchestral VST library

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    Choosing an orchestral VST library


    I’m looking at possibly buying an orchestral VST library, and was wondering which one I should choose. Here’s an example of the kind of music I write: https://www.box.com/s/a25newcl7h9vbdsnohp3. (This recording uses the sounds from my Roland FP-2 digital piano).

    I’ve read people say that different orchestras are good for different purposes, and that “professionals” often use multiple libraries so they can mix and match. I’m a student - so I don’t have heaps of money to throw around, but I’m probably willing to spend about say $100-200.

    So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different orchestral libraries out there? Which one do you use? Which do you think would be best for me?

    Any other tips are welcome too, thanks

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    Re: Choosing an orchestral VST library

    For $100 to $200 your probably looking at IK Multimedia's Miroslav Philharmonic, Garritan Personal Orchestra or East West Symphonic Orchestra Silver. The East West library is probably the most professional sounding out of the box but it leans more toward the cinematic genre with a pretty thick natural hall verb but many people do use it for a concert orchestral library. This library also requires the iLock copy protection dongle which is another $50. It's on sale until 1/1/13 for $97.50.1/2 off! list price.

    Miroslav Phiharmonicis set up so the instruments are in the correct stage position with a medium hall ambience built into the samples. It also comes with a really decent choir. The samples were recorded with emotive playing by the musicians. It is a remake of an old top end library and has a slight natural noise in the samples. It is backed up by a solid company. It was on sale this summer for $49 but is now $149 street price.

    Garritan personal Orchestra does cater to the student with it's made for Finale instruments and forum support. It also comes with piano, harpsichord, organ and a minimum choir. The Aria sample player is very easy to use and although the Garritan instruments are very dry, it now comes with a very good convolution reverb effect. Garritan's also uses the mod wheel to control velocity which takes a little while to master but creates a natural swell for most of the instruments and adds realism. $130 street price. $150 direct.

    I own all three.

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    Re: Choosing an orchestral VST library

    Great. I ended up going for EWSO Silver, thanks

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