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Topic: Excellent Radio Programme about Film & Stage Music

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    Excellent Radio Programme about Film & Stage Music

    Given the large interest in film compostion on this forum, hopefully you\'ll forgive me for drawing your attention to, and again giving a plug for, a BBC Radio 3 weekly programme about music for Stage & Screen, but its really good ...

    Here\'s the link to the web site, where the latest programe is always available to hear on the Internet if you missed it, or if you don\'t happen to live in the UK.

    Its a mix of news, reviews of releases, music and the occasional interview with Hollywood composers

    Hope you tune in and find it interesting ...
    Here is this weeks play-list to give you idea of what they cover.

    To Kill A King (Richard G Mitchell)
    Original Soundtrack
    Track 1 – The Morning After The Battle
    Screen Music SCREEN002

    Matrix Reloaded: The Album (Don Davis)
    Original Soundtrack
    CD2 Track 6 – Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis
    Warner Sunset/Maverick 9362-48411-2

    CD: On The Town, etc. – The Royal Edition
    Track 13 – 18 - On the Waterfront Suite (Leonard Bernstein)
    New York Philharmonic, conducted by the composer
    Sony Classical SMK 47530

    Something Wild (Aaron Copland)
    Original Soundtrack
    Track 1 – New York Profile
    Track 2 – Park At Night
    Track 3 – Subway Jam
    Conducted by the composer
    Varese Sarabande VSD-6469

    CD: Varese Sarabande - A 25th Anniversary Celebration
    CD3 Track 20 - Pleasantville (Randy Newman)
    CD3 Track 1 - To Die For (Danny Elfman)
    Varese Sarabande 302 066 460 2

    Freddy versus Jason (Graeme Revell)
    Original Soundtrack
    Track 14 – In The Library
    Track 13 – Jason Unmasked
    Varese Sarabande 94064982

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    Re: Excellent Radio Programme about Film & Stage Music

    Superb! Lots of good stuff in there (listening to the Elmer Bernstein interview at the moment) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks for that link Andy,


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    Re: Excellent Radio Programme about Film & Stage Music

    Thanks Andy ,Thats a great site..Rich

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    Re: Excellent Radio Programme about Film & Stage Music

    Great link,

    thank you so much Andy.

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