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Topic: Transient Glide (Orchestral Composition)

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    Transient Glide (Orchestral Composition)

    Hey guys and gals!

    I just finished my first "big" orchestral composition in that I'm actually utilizing each section of the orchestra. I haven't done that before and thus would really appreciate feedback on how the song is orchestrated. Also feedback on anything else (composition itself, mixing, etc.) is highly appreciated.

    This song features mainly EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold along with a some NI Damage and Logic factory sounds.



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    Re: Transient Glide (Orchestral Composition)

    Dear marklaukkanen,

    Cool composition, man! You did a great job with the orchestration and rendering, and the melodic and harmonic material was interesting and kept me listening! Great job again!

    Quinn M.

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