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Topic: Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

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    Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

    Hello friends,

    Well here is my first orchestral piece I\'ve put together. This is not the full piece but just the opening momemts of Winters Memories. I put it up all together within 2-3 hours...I would like your opinions how this piece sounds musically and otherwise.



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    Re: Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

    any opinions how this sounds??????

    or is it really bad to even comment about!!!!!

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    Re: Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

    Hey Robin,
    You\'ve got some nice essential sounds and good room tone going there, but a bit on the simplistic side for me. You could use a bit of panning to fill out your stage as it is fairly sparse to begin with. (there is nothing wrong with sparse mind you) The cello (or c-bass?) stacs seem a bit center stage. You could maybe play with having cellos and c-bass counterpointing each other to make it a bit more lively. You could also afford to slide your violins a tad left to give some space for your winds to play out their lines. The parallel string lines at the top sound a bit too... robotic? I\'d like to hear them play against each other rather than in sync. There is potentially a nice bouncy theme here but a few elements missing. Don\'t get me wrong I\'ve heard worse... hell I\'ve written worse... regularly [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    Keep plugging, the production tools sound like they are there.


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    Re: Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

    So do you live in Chile or New Zealand? I\'m just curious because we\'re finishing summer on the northern hemisphere and winter and I\'m not interested in thinking about winter.

    So my response to your piece. The first 40 seconds is spent with pretty much a single line being played by different instruments. I realize this may be to depict the starkness of winter, but it\'s too long for dramatic purposes. Layering in some quiet harmonies in high strings could help. I do have to admit I don\'t find the theme of this first 40 seconds particularly engaging. I would do more to shape it.

    At :40 you start a half step figuration in the bass (cellos). It goes too long. The syncopation that starts at 1:20 is nice and I liked it, but the half step thing in the bass had become annoying long before. After that it scales back to one note at a time stuff, something I wouldn\'t have done.

    It\'s one thing to try to depict a reality (in this case winter), it\'s another to lose sight of the need for drama.

    Finally, your instruments really need more expression. You don\'t say what samples you\'ve used (I liked the bite of the cellos in the half step thing) but poeple here could help you get more out of what you have if you tell us what you\'ve used.

    Good luck, let me know if my comments are helpful.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

    thanks for your advice christianb, something like that is helpful to hear as where to pan the particular instruments to create the feeling of hall...i\'ll try to mix using settings you mentioned...

    pantonality, you are right about the half step bass(i myself wanted to get away with it but once i rendered it i was lazy to redo). the orchestration module used in this track is Edirol Orchestral Synth.

    D.Montesinos, this is the kind of orchestral stuff i would like to create in future...


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    Re: Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

    I´m sorry I Don´t understand your music.
    I´m not saying is bad or god, just sounds too \"Abstract\" to me.

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    Re: Need some advice on how this piece sounds...

    Ok, in these case, Congratulations, sounds very Abstract; Is important find your Style and know if the people fell your intention.
    you´ve done it.
    Keep On. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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