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Topic: feedback on your demos

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    feedback on your demos

    I just recieved this circular from FMPRO and thought that, as I\'ve noticed there seem to be an awful lot of composers on this forum keen to demo their film music material for appraisal, a few of you out there might be interested in it.

    This came via email so there\'s no direct link to offer.


    Have Your Demo Package Critiqued By Hollywood Film & TV Music Agents

    The Film Music Institute is pleased to announce a new custom service for composers and songwriters who are interested in hearing objective, candid industry feedback on their music and demo packages. The Film Music Institute Demo Critique Service provides composers and songwriters with direct feedback about their music and demo package from top Hollywood indie film and television music agents Jeff Kaufman and Lesley Lotto.

    The new service provides direct feedback and comments from both agents on demo packages submitted including:

    * Competitive aspects of your demo CD music - how it compares to the industry and how it can be improved
    * Music chosen for demo CD - overall comments, production value comments, order of tracks, and more
    * Comments on your Bio sheet - wording, choice of material to include
    * Comments on your Credits sheet - which credits to list, how to list them, changes that can improve the presentation
    * Comments on overall demo package - how it\'s perceived by the industry, how to make it better

    Those who choose to have their demo packages critiqued will receive a cassette tape with specific comments directly from the agents, who will each critique the package separately.

    \"So often we hear from composers and songwriters who really want to know how their music stacks up in the industry. We\'re excited to have two of LA\'s top independent agents working with us on this program - these agents are very experienced in the industry and are very familiar with what \"sells\" and what doesn\'t in the world of music for film and television. They bring their experience and expertise to the table with this special program and provide information directly to composers and songwriters from around the world who are looking for honest, candid, informed comments about their music and demo packages,\" said Film Music Institute founder Mark Northam.

    The cost of the complete demo critique package including comments from both agents is $159, which includes a detailed critique from each agent of the demo package including up to 10 minutes of music, plus bio, credits, and resume components of the demo package. Critiques are provided on cassette tapes directly from the agents.

    *** Special: Save $20 today - the regular price of $159 has been discounted to $139 until March 14 as an introductory special for this new product. ***


    To register for this special service now and save $20, visit:

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    Re: feedback on your demos

    Hmmm. Sounds like the Taxi service as well. ( www.taxi.com ) Kinda sketchy.

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