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Topic: Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

    Finally found some time to hop on a computer, and since the time is here, wanted to wish everyone all the best. Also finally managed to download the Christmas album as well, so starting to listen to the wonderful music, even if it is late! Been out of town (and still am), visiting mom who's been in the hospital and having started chemo, so sort of missed out on the Christmas flurry around here. She's not doing too bad, might be let out in a few more days if blood counts get decent enough, though the treatments will have to continue for some time still. Despite everything happening, it's been a good holiday season, with some time for all the extended family to get together.

    So, wishing everybody a great holiday season as well, and best of hopes for the new year to come!
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Randy, and everyone on the Forum!

    John Newell
    GPO4, Garritan World Instruments, Digital Performer 7.24, Finale 2012, Miroslav Philharmonik

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    Re: Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to you too, Matt, Randy & John ... and to the whole forum as well!


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