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Topic: Official DIVA Demo #2

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Hi Rob

    From one Diva user to another..

    Wonderful!!.. the \"Choir\" is awesome.. great
    theme, great orchestration,.. and most importantly great use of Diva!

    I never normally do this \"Oh you\'re great\" routine... too busy working on my own commissions but thought I\'d break the habit!

    Now when I post MY demo.... remember the above words!!!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Wow. The choir effect worked really well. Nice.

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Hi Ty,

    Thanks for your comments. I will try to remember when you post. I really like that part of this board - the opportunity for us solo composers (working all day in our dungeons) to hear other\'s creations. I think it keeps our own perspectives fresh.

    It was fun toying with Diva to get the choirs working. I found that when I got them close (on midi) that my rendering them to audio was where the real fun began. Caveat emptor - it is a little time consuming creating multitracks and various verb levels and saturation, but there really is no other way. You really must \'play each part\' even if it is a double. I learned that trick here at NS. Then when your \'playing and brain\' are not in sync, resist the temptation to just fix it right away- it just might sound good. You know \'human like\'.

    I think Kaveh nailed the solo organic sound with his demo, I wanted to try something a tad bit different.

    PS: just thought also I used some very distant woodwinds and horns with the middle section as well. These sections of the orchestra seem to work well lending power to strings and/or choirs (you pros already know this - while I am just discovering the half art half science of orchestrating.)


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Hi Rob,

    I wanted to echo the sentiment as well. Very beautiful piece.


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Thanks very much FV and Jon, I appreciate it.


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Rob, gorgeous piece. =) You really have a style of your own that I always find appealing, and your work is always very moving.

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    I\'m debating here on what I should say. Should I post my honest opinion? Was the purpose of this post to garner opinions? I\'m compelled to comment on this piece, but I feel as though I might get seriously flamed based on the unanimous praise thus far.

    I will say that the composition of the piece is beautiful. It\'s the samples... Oh dear... it\'s the samples.

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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Great music. Would have been really nice with a live orchestra to give it the energy it should have. I didn\'t care much for the voices, however. For a piece like this I would rather just get a singer at your local music university and pay her a couple of bucks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] How often do you do pieces like this anyway... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2

    Thanks Aaron, Vaultcomplex and Thomas for the kind remarks. I guess I am also predisposed to choral writing - it just seems to elevate the emotional content. Yes, it will neato some day to hear 80 musicians playing something that I have written. I am trying to get the Mormon Tab Choir to do one of my pieces now - If you are ever up here on a Thurs night you need to stop by the Tabernacle on Temple square and listen to them rehearse. When they have the live Orchestra with them it just sounds incredible!!

    Thanks again guys.


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    Re: Official DIVA Demo #2


    A very moving piece. Excellent scoring, and very nice mix.

    Congrats, being a member of the church myself, I have not had the opportunity to see the Mormon Tabernacle choir live yet.

    I better do so.

    Good luck with your ventures.


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