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Topic: Demo Song: Something Ethnic

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    Demo Song: Something Ethnic

    Here\'s something a little bit different from what we usually hear from the NS group:

    My Music Briefcase

    This should take you to my yahoo briefcase where I keep the file which I named Waig.mp3

    I\'m no expert in mixing so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    The sounds I used are:

    1. Washing Machine and Dryer Loops and Hits from BolderSounds (free sample which I used in place of flat gongs which I don\'t have - they sound similar, nonetheless)

    2. Darbuka and Woodsticks from G-Town (also free)

    3. Pan Flute from Thomas J (free as well).

    4. A loop from Prosamples \"Ethnic Adventures\" from Percussive Adventures, Vol. 32 by EastWest

    5. Anklungs (my own samples)

    6. Pads from my Roland XP-30

    7. The bass and the other instruments are from Dreamstation, a DXi instrument that came with Sonar 3

    Except for the XP-30 and Dreamstation, I routed everything from Kontakt (did some conversion from giga) into Sonar 3, then encoded to mp3 via Vegas. I did everything with one computer but I never had any problems. By the way, Sonar 3 is fabulous!



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    Re: Demo Song: Something Ethnic

    Hey mate- I believe that is a broken link

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    Re: Demo Song: Something Ethnic

    Hey Nhick,
    That\'s kind of cool. Just when I start thinking that it can\'t sustain my feeble attention span, you throw in a little change that brings me back in a bit. Nice. I would maybe have liked to hear a dynamic softening in the middle somewhere. That would grab my attention even more.

    overall, a fun listen for me


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    Re: Demo Song: Something Ethnic

    Thanks, Christianb! For this one I really intended subtle changes in each section to achieve a sense of \"meditative state\" without getting too monotonous. I hope I was able to achieve that.

    I was just listening to my mix in the car and I was kind of offended by the bass line (which gave me a headache!). It also doesn\'t bind well with the pads so the harmonic structure became a bit loose. That\'s what I get from monitoring with ordinary home stereo speakers! I\'d like to do it all over again but I\'m just too tired now - maybe tomorrow.


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    Re: Demo Song: Something Ethnic


    I have edited the link so that it points out to the folder where the file is stored instead. The title of the music is \"Waig\".

    My Music Briefcase

    Thanks for letting me know!


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    Re: Demo Song: Something Ethnic

    This may be a Linux issue on my end, but your link doesn\'t work for me. I have no problems (so far this evening) with any other links to mp3s. You Yahoo page just comes up and sits.

    Would like to listen. May try from a Windows box later.


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