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Topic: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Good stuff. Lots of fun. I like the hi-hat work especially. Spices it up nicely while the bass drives along. I think the snare receeds a bit. Wouldn\'t hurt (my opinion only) to let that guy whack a bit harder once in a while. (Where are you Bill Bruford?!) ;-)

    Lots of fun. Keep it up.


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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Bonjour Christian!
    Ca va bien? It\'s a good action music! I think would work very well with chasing cars, 007, men in black suits with colts and all this stuff. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Maybe it could be a bit more aggressiv, more powerful. I think that\'s a question of the mix. Good work!

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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Hey Christian!

    Another \"christian-like\" abstract piece - just as I hoped for. I wouldn\'t have a clue how to put something like this together and wonder how it\'s done.

    Great action tune, as you predicted. Like others, loved the percussion at :25,:36,:48. By the way, is my counter in synch with everyone elses? Otherwise, pointing out specific times in a work must seem pretty ridiculous. Anyway, Back to \"thatthing\": Like others I would like to hear a redo without the synthy sounding horns at :04 and :10. I also wanted an expansion on the more conventional melody and harmony you teased with at 1:01 - 1:07. I thought the harmonies you were beginning to build there where so compelling. Would have like that to build and develop more before going back to the more abstract (is that the right term?) genre. A few other places in the piece I also found myself wanting you to expand and stay with the more conventional melody/harmonies building rather than switching back to the other fast moving type stuff so quickly.

    Truly an original and clever piece, and hope to hear more like it.

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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    My favorite piece from you so far.
    Somehow, you have this Weather Report influence that I heard in another of your piece.
    You\'re getting there petit Canadien. Keep at it! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Taking a few stabs at laying in some drum/bass to liven up my orchestral settings for action type cues. I find this to be a perky little number with a moment or two of Bond-like music, circa the Roger Moore period. Certainly a bit more bombastic. It is me after all. It\'s a semi-rough mix looking for some tips.


    thanks all


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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Hey, Very Good Arrange, probably the better´s one i´ve heard from you.
    Only sometimes, it sounds me a bit \"Sinth\",

    Good Work.

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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Cool. It is definitely a car chase. My favourite is the trombone swells. Those trumpets sound a bit too midi, and I think a few cc11 swells could help them sound not so \"on-off\".

    Anyway, it has a lot of momentum and that\'s the key in my opinion with any kind of chase-style cue.

    As always, the melodic angularity is too much for me in places. But shiat that\'s what makes it bocher. Wouldn\'t have it any other way.

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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Hi Christian,

    I didn\'t heard other pieces of you than this one, but I like this one : good energy, that give the feel of an action scene. Lalo is not so far...

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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Hey people, Thanks so much. Lots of good tips there. Got hard at work to try and implement a few of them...


    D.Mont: Thanks for chipping in with comments, see below, I address the synthy issue

    Mark: I bumped up those drums overall at a certain point in the comp. Probably got it about 50% closer to Bruford-esque. That boy does hit hard doesn\'t he? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Marcus: Merci bien mon ami. It\'s an interesting suggestion to pump it up. I am actually thinking of maybe dropping a little (extra) mayhem into the mix low-end wise.

    Sharms: Worked on all three suggestions. Good ones by the way. It is indeed easy to leave a part alone when you are moving on to another section and then forget to re-visit it later... or as you imply , laze out and just plain ignore it. So many tracks... so little time... It helps when someone points it out tho. And as I said to you yesterday, no harshness at all [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Lemme know if I got at least 50% of the way towards fixing those issues

    JoJo: Thanks doll. If I can\'t pull off \"Christian-like\" then I am definitely doing something wrong. Your timing is pretty much on target. At least close enough to know what you are referring to, which is always helpful. Now about those synthy Horns. They were Maartens freebie trumps. On so many levels I love their sound and was hoping to create a jazzy cluster/swell thing but I often get that comment when I use them. I may not be finessing them very well. They have been buried in the mix and the tried and trusted AO trumps have come into play to take the lead. As far as stetching out those sections you refer to , I agree that they could be expanded on but I didn\'t want to lengthen this piece any longer than it already was (see also- laziness issue above! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] ) Thank You.

    Ah Genoille: I\'m glad you liked it. Funny thing is... never owned a Weather Report album. I guess I\'m just a funky New Yorker?

    Leon: Well, I talk to you all the time so.. you know! Thanks!

    Monsieur Didou le Francais: (Wow 3 froggies on my thread, my French parents would be pleased) One of our new hotshots chiming in. Your stuff is very good my friend. Merci bien pour l\'encouragement!

    By the by, this is truly a great place to post ideas and comps and all your feedback is not only helpful but very much appreciated.
    Thank you all


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    Re: Hey all, new comp...thoughts?

    Hey ChristianB,

    Nice compo!!! (I am listening to version 2). The mix is really clear and I like the trombones and trumpet swells and also the driving drums + bass. Some really nice syncopation in there (i.e around 0:20). Around the 0:30 to 0:40 I kept expecting something to happen, maybe a drone or a strong pedal tone. There is a particular nice bit of drumming at 0:48/0:49 which I wanted more, much more of [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Although I liked the xylophone sound very much I thought there was too much of it in the second half, but that\'s a matter of taste.

    When it got to 1:31 I thought there would be a much longer swell that would reach its climax at the end of the piece, but died-out by 1:37... I made me feel a little bit cheated. I know big swells are cliche\'d but IMHO it would round-off the piece nicely.

    On a slightly different tack, it didn\'t sound as much \"ChristianB-ish\" as your other pieces which have a darker hedge I rather enjoy [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    With pieces like those it means I\'ll have to improve my writing [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Well done!


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