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Topic: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

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    sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    This song uses JABB: horns, flute, e. piano, some percussion. Please give it a listen.
    Thanks. Jay


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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    This sounds like fresh, new territory for you, Jay. Breezy, in perhaps a more intellectual way than what I've heard before from you. There's an interesting free-form quality to this that worked some nice magic on my ears.

    You're so prolific, and always entertaining - Thanks for this twinkling music scape you've blessed the new year with!


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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    Thank you very much Randy. I makes me feel good that my music is appreciated. This is a little different for me. It has a jazz feel to it, but is broader in scope than my usual fare. Believe or not, I was distantly inspired by the song, "sunrise sunset" from the movie "fiddler on the roof" which I recently saw. Thanks for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    Hi Jay,

    I was correcting a university student's final paper when I listened to your beautiful waltz. Such easy listening, soft and sweet music is the ideal companion for such a dull task to bring in some refreshment and joy. The flute solo drew my attention, it's outstanding.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    Max! When I was going to college I hated writing papers. I can't imagine having to grade them. I am glad that my music eased your dull task a bit. I was trying to not be to abrupt with this piece. I was intending for 'mellow' and I sounds like that's the way that it worked for you. Thanks for the listen. Jay

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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    I always love the sound of wire brushes on a snare, but now thanks to a certain movie everytime I hear jazz flute I think of Ron Burgundy.

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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    Ron Burgundy will soon be back with a sequel. I like the sound of brushes also. I am still working out the kinks on the sound, but I will get it just right with practice. Thanks for the listen and comment. Jay

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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    You could waltz to this for sure and it's a very nice tune.

    I'm listening with Apple Earbuds and just getting over the flu( had a flu shot?) which still hanging on in my chest and head so my hearing might be of a bit.

    I started out listening with Apple Earbuds and the drums were way out front so I switched to my headphones in my office and the mix was just fine on the headphones. I guess that's something you have to resolve when mastering for the in-the-ear phone folks.



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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    Hey Phil! Thanks for listening and commenting. I usually use an "EAR HORN" when I listen to my music. I works better than ear buds.

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    Re: sunrise and her smile (waltz)

    And ear buds are sooooo bad for your poor musician's ears!!! Ask Beethoven...


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