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Topic: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

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    What DO we know about GS 3.0?


    Like many others i am really wondering if GS 3.0 will be worth the wait. I would really like someone to shed some light on the subject. Should i just as well switch to Kontakt? I know many just say \"buy both\" but I for one can\'t afford that..

    I honestly can\'t imagine any reason for anyone to keep features in GS 3.0 a secret for potential buyers, hype is good for sales! Is there really any point for me to use GS over Kontakt as a 1 computer guy?

    Best regards

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    If Giga 3.0 is as efficient in sample streaming as it is in 2.5 and if loading much samples in one computer is most important then Giga 3.0 is your champion.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    The most important thing that needs to be changed in Giga 3.0 is the way it handles the velocity response curve. Never liked it since the beginning of the Gigasampler days. I never felt I could control the dynamics the way I did with the Roland Samplers. It would be a real bummer if they stick to it.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    I bet I can guess one feature that they won\'t support: Windows 98 (and 95, ME, etc). No sense burdening the development with more OSs than are absolutely required, though OSX (definitely not supported) would be nice for many.

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    Its optimized for XP but it should run in 98.
    It also takes advantage of the instrucion set in the Intel chips but will also run on an Athalon.
    The ideal will be XP on an Intel system.

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    Can we just not have this conversation any more?

    If you check through the posts over the last two years, there has been a huge amount of discussion on this topic. There\'s really nothing new to add.

    1. Tascam have decided to keep quiet - that\'s their right, and for some, they will live or die by that decision. Most agree that telegraphing their intentions during a development period of unspecified duration isn\'t a clever idea.

    2. If the \'swinging voters\' all switch to Kontakt or Halion, and Giga 3 makes those apps look clunky, those same swingers WILL switch back.

    3. If you need to work NOW. Buy the best you can afford NOW. If you don\'t NEED it, then the decision isn\'t critical, and neither is Tascam\'s timing.

    4. Working at a \'cutting edge\' (crap term) retail music store about twenty years ago helped me realise that there is NEVER a single moment in time at which you can honestly say \"This is it. There\'s nothing better around the corner.\" Wait long enough and everything gets outdated. Who wants to wait though?

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    Wise words Chadwick.

    And to be honest, the next few hundred bucks I spend on libraries will make a much bigger difference to me than a new sampler. If I could find more time and energy for music, that would be the real leverage point.

    Still, it\'s fun to speculate about what will be.

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    Yes Chadwick I agree with you hundred pecent.

    Dave thanks for that info.


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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    Evolution doesn\'t stop, Chadwick. Why would hinting not be wise?

    The needs and wants from two years ago might be different from those of today, if you\'ll only give it a chance. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: What DO we know about GS 3.0?

    Well, one thing we DO know about Giga 3.0 is that it will still be owned by a company who seem to have stricken the phrase \"customer support\" from their vocabulary.

    Sure I\'m looking forward to new features and functionality to bring Giga up to par with the rest of the industry. But as a Giga owner and a DM24 owner, I can say it\'s going to be a long time before I seriously consider purchasing anything else from Tascam.

    These days with multi-operating systems and ever changing hardware, product support is becoming the number one most important feature a company can offer. I for one am pretty tired of paying for stuff that \"should work eventually... Just wait for version 5,6,7,8...

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