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Topic: Help - Looking for a ribbon controller

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    Re: Help - Looking for a ribbon controller

    I found this one... I can\'t tell if they have it up for sale on EBay... or they\'re maybe going to have it soon. You can check it out anyway... scroll down the page just a little. Yea, it\'s a Moog... (man those things were really great!) Looks kinda like the one Keith used. Good luck. http://www.planetkc.com/joleo/ebay/

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    Re: Help - Looking for a ribbon controller

    The Kurz Expressionmate is *really* versatile. The programming options are very extensive...routing galore. Why in the world was this product discontinued? I love the form-factor and dred the day I have to replace it. Maybe you can still find some refurbs or used. Peace, Kev

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    Help - Looking for a ribbon controller

    Hi all
    Does anybody know if anyone still makes a ribbon controller? You know, the type that Keith Emerson uses on stage. Kurzweil was making one at one point but it appears that they\'ve now discontinued the model. Any info would be gratefully received.

    If you don\'t know what one looks like, look here:



    And here\'s one with fireworks:


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    Re: Help - Looking for a ribbon controller

    Thanks guys
    I\'ll keep looking - both for the Moog and the Kurzweil. I completely agree that in the right hands (not mine) the ribbon controller can be one of the most expressive instruments out there. (As well as being pretty humourous to watch in performance!)
    All the best

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