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Topic: trying for different kit sound

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    trying for different kit sound

    We were looking for a particular drum kit sound so we set up a snare, kick, ride and hi-hat and played around. I think we found what we were looking for. I\'ve been needing this for certain applications. Anyone else?

    kit test


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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Hey Sean,

    Sounds smooth - is that samples? The dynamoics sound great.

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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Excellent sounding set of drums! I wouldn\'t mind having these myself!


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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Very nice...

    Is the room sound added or in the samples?

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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Im going to guess that was a live player jamming. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Thanks Chadwick, Kip and Oliver, glad you like them. IT IS SAMPLES. We were experimenting and going for something new. We recorded everything with 3 different mic placements on individual tracks plus and extra internal mic on the kick. As such, there would be the choice of each mic setup for each instrument. The kick and cymbals in this demo were a fairly distant mic placement (I intentionally used that placement for the kick because it is not what most are used to hearing but primarily what we were looking for. I wondered what kind of response it would get). The snare was closer. We didn\'t want an overprocessed \"studio\" sound. Although it would be easy to take the close mic samples and post process. We figured this would give lots of flexability.

    As for the dynamics that Chadwick mentioned, we recorded what we believed would be an adaquate # of velocities for seamless switches. And it worked well.

    I\'m really excited about the results and can\'t wait to do more.


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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Sorry Oliver, I didn\'t intend to ignore your question. There was a very small amount of additional reverb added to the overall file, not individually to each instrument. As I was going for a more \"live\" kit sound I thought this would work better. However, the more distant recordings obviously have more ambiance than the close ones and one may or may not want to add more. The additional reverb (an acoustic mirror impulse) seemed to have the most effect on the snare probably because it was drier to begin with. I noticed little, if any change to the bass and cymbals.

    Because of the versatility recorded into the samples little had to be done to use them. This is what we were hoping for.

    Oh yeah, this is played straight out of Finale with only some slight velocity adjustments and randomizations.


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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Could you post the midi file? This jam really sounds live and I\'d love to see how it was midi sequenced. Thanks...

    p.s. Was it a live drummer triggering samples?

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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    Here you go Munsie. Pretty simple. Like I said, this was straight out of Finale so there is no fancy sequencing. I saved the Finale file as a midi file. I have not even tried to open it in a sequencer. I have no idea what it will look like. I wrote it on one staff through one midi channel using a percussion map that I made for the instrument.

    midi file

    King, yes there will be much more choice with mic placement. Lots of choices was the goal. We liked the room sound too. And, those cymbals are Zildjian Constantinoples. Hard to make them sound bad. I agree, the snare sounds a little close compared to the rest of the kit. But, it was the first one I programmed and I was anxious to use it. As for not sounding at all live, well, you have your opinion. It fooled a lot of accomplished drummer friends of mine. And this is pretty much the samples played back straight in strict time without any midi tricks.


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    Re: trying for different kit sound

    just a side note, what gave it away to me was the Hi Hat. The room sound itself is the give away. The low end kicks a bit to perfectly each time. The player sounds like a robot on that cymbal. Drummer\'s tend to like that, so I can understand them being fooled [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] . Some of them have that goal of sounding like a drum machine [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] hehee

    seriously tho, the snare stuff sounds great (other than the mix) and some of the other cymbal stuff sounds great, but ultimately there are give aways in samples, its all about the end listeners ears and pickyness.....we both know I\'m about as picky as it gets, and with drummers it comes with the outside ear of jamming with drummers but not being one.

    Aside from that, I doubt it\'d be noticable in a mix.

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