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Topic: Choir library

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    Choir library

    Hello to all, I hope 2013 is a good year for you who read this. Now, whatever happened to the Choir library we used to be told was on the 'back burner?' Whilst appreciating the difficulties involved, it would seem to be that it may never be released. There is (or was) a strong interest in the idea of a good choir library but never even any hint of a date. Maybe 2013? Don.

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    Re: Choir library

    Which Choir library are you talking about?

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    Re: Choir library

    There are a number of really good ones that have been released fairly recently. Check both Sound Iron www.soundiron.com/ and 8Dio www.8dio.com/ (both formerly Tonehammer,) as well as Cinesamples http://cinesamples.com/

    There's also a brand new one called "Storm Choir" from Strezov Sampling. www.strezov-sampling.com/

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    Re: Choir library

    Hello again, Thanks for those replies to my Choir thread. I was, of couse, referring to the elusive 'Garritan Choir Library which was supposedly being developed. It would be nice to have a word from Gary himself on the subject. I would like to stay loyal when purchasing a Choir library. Regards. Don.

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    Re: Choir library

    You might do better to post this in the Garritan section of the forum...

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