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Topic: DIVA goes 'playful'

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    DIVA goes \'playful\'

    Hey all,

    I certainly do not want to wear out my welcome on this board but Bela D media heard that I was using DIVA for a slightly different application on an upcoming direct-to-video project and asked if I would post a short clip.

    The project is meant for teaching kids about growing up, choices, etc. It is sort of Aesop’s Fables with a modern twist. The Director wanted this credit roll to have a ‘magical / playful / fairy dust’ feel to it. This composition is certainly not going to change the world but works well for this project (and most importantly) – the Director likes it. Of course, I will have to finish once I get his final cut.

    I used Diva Marcatos, FX, Performance, moving vowels, and KS AH, OH, EE, MM. I also needed ‘some dudes’ – which I got from VOTA. I really like the way these two libraries sound together.

    Thanks again Frank – can’t wait for “Extended” to be released.



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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

    Hi Rob,

    I like this one very much. Can see it going well with picture as well.
    The library sounds very nice.

    And it is playful and mysterious indeed [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

    Thanks Patrick for your kind words. I really don\'t want to wear my welcome out on this terrific board, but I thought a different side of DIVA should be shown. I realize that this is no masterpiece (by a long shot), but I am realizing many \'cues\' are just there to support the overall emotional content of the picture.

    I think Diva helped me put this together fast. As Craig pointed out, I do have a house full of singers (of which I am grateful), but becuase of either time committment or \'attiRude\', they aren\'t always available to me. Honestly, DIVA, like ALL libraries, has its limitations, but I am glad I have this \'color\' from which to draw upon when needed. I also like Frank\'s attitude about wanting to always improve his product.

    Sorry for the rant. Thanks again for the comments.


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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

    Love it! Good, catchy writing. Believe it or not, it\'s perhaps the most persuasive showcase for Diva yet. The very lightness and simplicity of the piece casts Diva in a new, refreshing light.

    Francis might consider asking you to feature it on his site. I certainly think the cue\'s dynamics hint at the direction Diva could take as it evolves, ie. something with a bit more bite!

    I\'m actually a step nearer to buying the lib now.


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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

    Lovely piece. It brought both my wife and 11 year old son to the studio this evening to make positive comments.

    With best regards,

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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

    Hey Not Dudley Simpson and Mark,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Mark, I just spent the evening celebrating our son\'s 11 th birthday - that is a great age. He actually still wants to \'hang\' with Dad.


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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

    I like this a lot. I think it\'s probably the best demo for Diva yet!

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    Re: DIVA goes \'playful\'

    Originally posted by greatzed:
    I like this a lot. I think it\'s probably the best demo for Diva yet!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">[img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    That is interesting. Do tell why - I like to learn from your input.

    I do know that the marcatos are featured here (Yes, Rob?) and they have not been used in any demos yet. I need to get a demo up using the Syllables - [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thank you Rob!
    Yes, I will put it up on the site.

    Been struck with the flu and right now my head is weighing at around 200lbs
    Just thought I’d share that LOL

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