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Topic: Jingle Bells for Christmas

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    Jingle Bells for Christmas

    I want to share my entry to this year`s Christmas Cd - arrangement and rendition of Jingle Bells tune, using Jabb and GIO.


    To reflect a similar thread on the forum which describes how people worked on their entries, I will try and share a few of the workflow issues I remember:

    - Unfortunately I had only a few days to deal with it (sent it minutes before the deadline ) and a few hours each day.

    - First I checked the original sheet music (its in the National Library, and available online) and slept over it two days when I wasn`t available to work on it anyway. Meanwhile I got the idea to make it 6/8, and use both chorus versions (second, the unfamiliar one I liked most, and its actually the "real" one as published circa 1852).

    - I use notation soft when I am away from the main DAW, so I had some time to prepare a sketch - main voice + second voice + bass line + piano + drums, and the chords indicated. When I take it into Cubase, I am still not sure about the actual instruments, so parts are dragged and dropped to different voices, adjusted, transposed etc.

    - I ended up using Jabb trumpets, trombones, saxes, bass, piano, drums, tambourine etc. And adding the marimbas, glock, and some brass enforcement from GIO. For the spacing I used some EQ and QL Spaces.

    - Again, because of terrible time constraints could not really massage it, and make the score sound better, also sound wise.

    Thanks, and Happy (what left of) Holidays to all!


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    Re: Jingle Bells for Christmas

    I'm still in the Christmas mood, so this post is perfect for me, Vlad!

    It was a really good idea to post the project you put together this year. You wanted an audience - Here's at least a small one, and we're generally a very positive audience, eager to hear each other's music.

    Your brainstorm to do "Jingle Bells" in 6/8 was brilliant. Gives the familiar old tune new, bouncy life.

    Happy New Year to you, Vlad - And thanks for more Christmas cheer!


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    Re: Jingle Bells for Christmas

    Hi Vlad,

    Interesting late "bells". A completely different non musack* arrangement of this traditional. I like what you do with it and the 6/8 is indeed a surprise, but a welcome one.

    Thanks for sharing


    *Musack: I don't know whether the word exists in English, but it means very commercial music (for shopping malls..)

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    Re: Jingle Bells for Christmas


    It did take some getting use to but I think for the most part it worked. I thought it was interesting but maybe a little too "different" for the Christmas album.

    Thanks for posting this.


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