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Topic: Long Ago (at sea)

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    Long Ago (at sea)

    here's a new piece written with the ocean in mind.

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    Re: Long Ago (at sea)

    Very nice, a perfect soundscape, well rendered and balanced.

    But you shouldn't do this now. It's winter here, cold, wet, somber, dull... You've made me dream of the next summer (provided it will be as lovely as your pictures).

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: Long Ago (at sea)

    I enjoyed this. Except for the beginning, it did not bring to mind anything about the sea or anything like that, but that does not matter, it sounded very nice and I agree with max that it is well rendered. Was this garritan instruments?

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    Re: Long Ago (at sea)

    Hey jay/max, thanks for listening. glad you liked this - I scored it in FinalePrintmusic and audio was exported from there - all the instruments are from Garritan Personal Orchestra 4, except one percussion staff used from finale soft synths - to get some cabasa, miraca, ect. - tried to do my best with the reverb and panning settings, so that might be why it sounds well rendered. thanks for the feedback, - rusty

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    Re: Long Ago (at sea)

    It's a gentle, sweet piece of music, rather muted and less aggressive than we might associate with the sea, but I like it and appreciate you posting it.


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    Re: Long Ago (at sea)

    thanks randy, I agree you on that - I guess it's more nostalgic beach sounding than sea- glad you liked it

    - rusty

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    Re: Long Ago (at sea)

    This was enjoyable but also interesting light jazz.

    I also thought of a warm day on a beach just relaxing and taking it all in. It does have a sort of sixties muzak feel to it.

    I see you were inspired by Wayne Shorter. I hear that name come up a lot on the local jazz radio station.

    Just change the name and it's perfect.


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