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Topic: New Audio Tools for Recording Studio?

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    New Audio Tools for Recording Studio?


    New tools for us ever?

    Just try to get some discussion with you that you might be intereted!

    What is in your mind a new/better tools?
    Something like that never be in the market or too expensive, couldn\'t afford or even not being supported on your specific platform like some of good Digital Reverberation or Audio Mastering tools for ProTool?

    Will The application be better as standalone audio engine or should supports others like DX/VST plugin capability? What about latency and highest samplerate that you have usually worked on with current tools? 16/24/32B@44.1/48/96Khz? Prefer Windows platform? 98SE/2000/XP? As we know some of new apps, they just simply don\'t support Wins98(SE) like Cubase-SX, for example.

    How about the similar Reverb Impulse plugins for GigaStudio? I\'m not sure that Tascam has opened source for other third party, anyone has idea?


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    Re: New Audio Tools for Recording Studio?

    Contact TASCAM for an NFX SDK. It is available. I\'m sure if you made a reverb convolution plugin, a high quality delay-algorithm based reverb, a good quality compressor, and a high-res, phase coherent EQ, you would find a market.

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    Re: New Audio Tools for Recording Studio?

    Thanks Bruce for your great inputs. We shall try to get more info about NFX-SDK. And yes, the Native DSP algorithms as you mention. In addition...

    How about some Professsional Audio Analyzer tools for Sound Designer/Engineer like realtime FFT Spectrum-Analyzer (0-22khz) and 32/64/96-band equalizer (20Hz-20khz @ -40/-60dB to +12dB), for example? Just be more ideas, which can be customized the needs for your Recoding studio.


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    Re: New Audio Tools for Recording Studio?

    A good re-tuning utility (32 bit floating point/96 or 192 kHz) that doesn\'t remove the vibrato but can simply re-tune a monophonic sound to several tuning scales. Stand alone is fine but with batch processing ability would be perfect for me.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: New Audio Tools for Recording Studio?

    Thanks for your idea, it could be a good one!
    De-tune a sample and keep the vibrato is not simple process, program usually treats the vibrato is out-of-tune? It can be done...

    Just little questions:

    is it a single Wave sample format?
    How often do we need to retune?
    Does it apply to all samples or just particular one?


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