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Topic: Mixing 7.1. for cinema

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    Mixing 7.1. for cinema


    I wonder if anyone here can give me some hints how to mix for the typical cinema HiFi in 7.1 without actually having the 50.000 USD hardware in my studio. I am really frightened about watching the movie and being blown away by a lo frequency which I didn\'t mind about in the mixing / mastering process.

    Especially those really low frequencies which go right through the body are giving me gip ..

    Fortunately I have the chance of testing the sound one time in a huge cinema, but I want to make as few mistakes as possible, so I have a real chance of killing all errors in the second run.


    Pierre Langer

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    Re: Mixing 7.1. for cinema

    Regarding the 7.1 setup, i think you are talking of a SDDS (Sony) setup, right (Dolby and DTS are in the 6.1 setup)?

    In SDDS, they use 5.1 plus a center-left and a
    center-right channel. Because of that, left and right are a little more open...

    Regarding the bass, the best think you have to do is to avoid EQ it... If you don\'t have a $500.000 studio, will be very dificult to have a good bass envoriment. Everyone have the temptation to try to EQ to compensate the lack of bass response of the speakers or the bad bass response of the room.

    And of course, avoid using the .1 channel (all channels are full band).

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    Re: Mixing 7.1. for cinema

    PC + Nuendo 2 + M-Audio Studiophile BX5 (pair) + M-Audio Studiophile LX4 + WaMiRack24 (or other 8-output ASIO audiodevice)

    You now have 7.1 surround for around $5000 US.

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    Re: Mixing 7.1. for cinema

    A good word of advice would be....you shouldn\'t mix for a Dolby Digital EX theatrical feature without having a good mixdown room that is accurate. IE...you might need to book some studio time to do your final mix and mastering.

    5.1 or 7.1 for theatrical is not for the faint of heart. You might be better off doing a good stereo mix than a crappy 7.1 mix.


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