I haven\'t seen this topic covered here before, and I did search, but the stuff that popped up seemed a bit unfocused.

Is anyone out there using GigaStudio at 88/96KHz with a fully digital connection? I run ADAT lines between my GSt machine and Pro Tools (and now Linux-based) DAW. To do this I\'ve been forced to work at 44.1KHz since all my libraries seem to be recorded that way. Running Pro Tools at 48KHz results in all MIDI notes coming back as audio about a whole note high, so the couple of times I\'ve needed to do this I\'ve transposed the MIDI and retuned a bit. (yuck...)

Anyway, I\'m starting to plan out a migration to either 96KHz or 192KHz and would like to stay totally digital, as I am today, but I wondering how to actually do it. What the problems are going to be?

I already have a bunch of 96KHz capable cards, but no 96KHz capable D/A yet, so it\'s hard to test anything, other than bouncing something to disk. And I\'m not sure what GSt would do if I ran the Hammerfall at 96KHz anyway...

Since there\'s no chance that GSt 3.0 is going to come out this century (seems like we\'ve been waiting that long, doesn\'t it?) and solve this problem for me, and no info to suggest they are going to solve this problem anyway, what will I need to do? Forsake the digital connection I have today and just come back as analog audio? (Using up 96/192KHz A/Ds in the process) Is that what any of you out there are doing now?

Any insights are most welcome. I\'ll provide any info I can on my setup for anyone who\'s interested or needs to know about it to help me go through the thought experiments.