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Topic: v 2.53 problem

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    v 2.53 problem

    I just downloaded and installed the v 2.53 patch (didn\'t even know it was out there) but now I can\'t get any sound. I\'m using the Delta 2496 card and driver. GS is receiving midi and I\'ve confirmed there\'s nothing wrong with the hardware in other programs, but GS is not sending any audio out of the card. What am I missing?

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    Re: v 2.53 problem

    whats the version you had before? some versions require you to download 2.5 or earlier versions before 2.53...

    just a thought....?

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    Re: v 2.53 problem

    I was using v2.5.048 for GS 160 on Win 2k. Everything else about the program works except I\'m not getting any audio through my card. Still need help.

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    Re: v 2.53 problem

    just read on tascum forum they fixed the context error in giga.....
    \"Thanks to the combined efforts of the engineers in Austin and a very sharp individual at our research facility in Palo Alto, we have fixed the Conexant Wavestream Error message that appears when GigaStudio is sent invalid MIDI messages.

    We will be posting the 2.54 GigaStudio update either today or tomorrow that will resolve this specific issue.

    Good news for all!

    Cowboy Dave\"

    just FYI

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    Re: v 2.53 problem

    I\'m glad they\'ve got a new patch, but this doesn\'t help me. Is anyone else out there using GS 160 v 2.53 with the M Audiophile 2496? How is your stuff set up in the patchbay/routing area? I\'ve tried every combination. I\'m getting NO AUDIO!

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    Re: v 2.53 problem


    I use the Audiophile 24/96 with 98SE. H/W Out 1-2 is set to monitor and H/W Out S/PDIF is also set to monitor. I am using Giga 2.53.05. Multitrack driver devices are set to independent.


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