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Topic: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3's

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    DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    Bela D Media is proud to announce the second release within the DIVA Classical Female Soloists category.

    Introducing diva by design, a unique selection of performance files and effects borne from Diva classical female soloists library.

    Diva by design, created for multitrack editors such as ProTools, will push your creativity to a new and exciting level.

    The library features sound designed vocal cues, special effects and moving vowels.
    In addition, you will find a large section of 5.1 surround sound audio files.

    Hear the demos...Audio Room

    To learn more...
    DIVA by design

    Thank you for allowing us to share -

    Francis and Dawn Belardino
    Bela D Media

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    This brings a whole new meaning to DIva!

    Based on the previous demos, including this demo, I can now see how Diva can be used in many areas.

    B0th demos, show a different flavor of Diva, yet I really enjoy Demo one.

    Is that you talking there Francis?

    Anyway, I think Francis that youre onto something here. Based on my perception of the new demos, I see Diva as a great add in to give your music that finesse!

    When I listened to that first Demo, I could see Images of different tv. commercials flashing through my head.

    Thanks for sharing, I thought they were great!


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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    I\'m currently working on a big Agnus Dei piece and I\'m using Diva for solo. My experience so far is very good and I think Diva is the ultimate solo-voice lib today. Can\'t wait to get my hands over the mens solo lib, which is in or is going in production soon. Correct me if I\'m wrong.

    Now some comments on the demo\'s...

    ..I think they are great, they are quite haunting and really show the Diva\'s where they are at it\'s best.

    I\'ll post more comments and review on Diva when I post the Agnus Dei piece here soon.

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    DIVA just keeps getting better. I really like these new demos. I can\'t wait until I get DIVA Classical Female Soloists 1.1 in the mail. Only thing is I think my wallet will explode with all these new libaries coming out before Christmas. But that\'s a good thing [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

    Keep up the great work DIVA. I can\'t wait untill the release of the mens libary.. That will be gold! Male and Female together in harmony. O the Bliss [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] .

    I love your work!

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    Yep, plenty of applications for these voices.

    Demos sound good Francis! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    i\'m waiting for my Dive 1.1 too [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    looking forward to those samples immensely..

    can you tell us upgrade or pricing policy for Diva by Design from Diva 1.1

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    Registered user of DIVA Classical Female Soloists may purchase DIVA by design for $49.99 info@beladmedia.com

    Registered user of DIVA Classical Female Soloists may purchase DIVA Extended for $49.99 via email to info@beladmedia.com


    Thank you for the compliments.

    The most exciting aspect to this library is that the audio files can be imported into an audio editor and manipulate into additional performances.

    All vocal and sound design audio files are presented in -

    Natural or Sound Designed (panned, reversed, ambient, etc)

    * Add a stereo image plug in and not only generate distance but also control the amount of ambience from the far mics.

    What is Something Strange?

    Something Strange is a custom set of sound designed effects. The sounds range from wind chimes and male vocal drones too scary piano cues and hits

    What is the bonus Giga file?
    Performance Harp.


    There has been some confusion on this topic. Performance Files are recorded phrases.

    DIVA 1.1 and by design, each hold approximately - 35+ files.


    The demos composed by Kaveh Cohen and Rob Elliott - Did the composer use performance files?


    Kaveh\'s demo employed approximately 40% PF and 60% MS.

    Rob\'s demo employed approximately 20% PF and 80% MS.


    Bela D Media

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s


    By the way...

    If you are interested, I now have photos of both soloists online.

    Thank you,

    Ps. Yes, that was my voice on demo one.

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    Re: DIVA Trilogy - Sample Library #2 of 3 - mp3\'s

    The demos sound good [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m really looking forward to trying version 1.1, and to getting the extended version when that\'s out.

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