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Topic: linux softsampler

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    linux softsampler

    There seem to be an interesting development in Italy: www.lionstracs.com.
    Their \"Mediastation\" will include a Linux diskbased softsampler (Q1 2004)

    A intense discussion on Mediastation can be found one: http://www.synthzone.com/ubbs/Forum37/HTML/007355.html

    The developer website : www.linuxsampler.org

    I\'m cautious, but at least the claims surely are interesting!


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    Re: linux softsampler

    I know of a major studio that replaced all of their SGI boxes with PCs running Linux and Maya in their animation department.

    It would be nice to see audio companies follow suit.

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    Re: linux softsampler

    Thank you for posting this, I was already wondering if such a sampler is in developpement...

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    Re: linux softsampler

    Very interesting! Current computers can be so much better at music. Having an OS that is tuned for real time music, would really rock because it gives priority to the audio. No more glitches because of something happening on the screen while recording, no more midi delays, a lot more voices on softsamplers. Open source gives a lot of oppertunities. I\'m really excited about this. Now let\'s hope something like Cubase will come out for linux [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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