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Topic: OT: Studio design/build out

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    OT: Studio design/build out

    I\'m wondering if anybody could recommend where to look fo a consultant for a studio buildout and design. Some that would do great design work but isn\'t mega expensive. Also could anyone suggest what I might be looking at for this consultation? How should I know what to look for in a consultant? I can get the workers together to do the actual work, I just need someone to help with the design. Any insight any one could have would be great. Also some printed resources would be a great help as well [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Thanks


    BTW - if you know anyone in Nashville that does this I\'d appreciate the contact. Feel free to shoot me a Private message.

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    Re: OT: Studio design/build out

    Dont know if this helps but have you read Bruce\'s article on the \"sonic makeover\" he did?

    If you send your room specs to Auralex they\'ll do the calculations for you and tell what you\'ll need in terms of acoustic treament.


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    Re: OT: Studio design/build out

    You might want to check out http://www.saecollege.de/reference_material/index.html for some reading material...

    Also you can check out the \"Studio Building and Display\" section on http://homerecording.com/bbs/ .... you can get a lot of good tips there. There is an australian studio designer there (John Sayers) who is extremely helpful might just draw up plans for you for free...

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    Re: OT: Studio design/build out

    I used ESS, Andrew Parry


    for my plans and calcs, and got it built elsewhere. He\'s based in UK though so you\'d have to foot the bill on the flights. It cost me around £1k for the design but was the best £1k I ever spent.

    I know alot of people just read up on it and do their own design, and some end up with a pretty good room, but I personally didn\'t want to take any risks - would you trust an acoustics designer to compose a cue for you?!


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    Re: OT: Studio design/build out

    Thanks guys for the insight. Those are some good resources. Other then bruce, do many of you have much first hand experience with Auralex? Any reports you could make?

    What about ASC sound treatment? I think the ASC stuff is much \"cooler\" looking then Auralex, but maybe it\'s too expensive, and/or maybe not as efficient?

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    Re: OT: Studio design/build out

    Thanks Lee for your comments. I know there\'s a lot more then sound treatment to deal with. That\'s why i was hoping maybe someone actually knows a real human I could contact for some consultation.

    I\'m looking at building out our basement. It\'s currently an apartment but I\'m wanting to gut it. Some have said it would be more of a loss then a profit to add the studi because I\'d be loosing the apartment but I don\'t see it that way. When our current renters move out we\'re going to have to re-do all the carpet, we\'ve got to repaint all the walls, and we\'ve got to rebuild the kitchen cabinets.....I don\'t see busting out a few walls and starting over for a studio as that much of a loss considering what I\'ve got to do to keep the apartment.

    With that said. I\'ll have about 1400 sq ft. to work with. I\'m wanting to put in a main control room/programming room, a cutting room for vocals, Gtr, etc. And big enough to get decent drum sounds - although for a major project I\'ll probably still go somewhere else. I want a room to put my grand piano in. And I want a room that can be an editing room. So 4 rooms in all plus a lounge/kitchen and a bathroom. I\'ve got some prelim ideas and drawings and I\'m pretty optomisitc. 1400 sq ft is way more then I thought it would be. I\'m really just wanting to find some advice on the design. I can get the work done. I just need brilliant people to advise me!!!

    $$$ is an issue, but I know it\'s going to be cheaper to do the buildout then to buy or lease something that\'s vacated. I\'ve already been trying that for a year and just can\'t make the ##\'s work. Most places that are being emptied also need a major face lift. The nicer places that are going under are just too expensive. I Think this is the best option for the next few years until i can justify more $$$. I\'m looking at maybe $15-$25k. I already have the gear, so it\' just the construction I need. I have friends who have done great buildouts for less then $10k. So i think we can do it. Just LOTS of planning [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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